Get Relief From Skin Rashes And Itching

By on Jul 28, 2012

Magical Coconut Oil

I have always been using coconut oil on my hair but was unaware of it’s other magical uses. Until now, when on my friends advice I started applying it on my 1 month old itchy stitches. It really does wonder and gives relief from bad itching very quickly. Also got testimony from my friend that it is very effective on skin rashes and helps lighten stretch marks. So give it a try, just apply it nicely on your effected area and let it sit there for sometime until in absorbs into the skin.

Let me know if it worked for you???

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3 Responses to “Get Relief From Skin Rashes And Itching”

  1. Amit Says:

    It’s difficult to find out fresh and pure coconut oil now a days. Can you suggest some.


  2. Swati Says:

    parachute coconut hair oil is good and they claim to be 100% pure…


  3. Kary Says:

    Do a google search for coconut oil, lots of places to buy it online. I use organic extra virgin coconut oil from . I cook with it and use it on my skin & hair.


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