Dry Skin remedies

By on Feb 12, 2010

Are you looking for some dry skin remedies?? Then you have come to the right place.

During winters weather is lovely and cozy and people look forward to it but for people like me who have extremely dry skin it’s not that fun. If the cold wind is also blowing then conditions are worsened which result in skin to flake, chap and feel tight. Even after we apply cold cream or moisturizer several times it’s not of much help. After few hours of application again we have dry feet, hands, cheek etc….

I used to fear winters due to this reason until recently when my parlour lady told me a quick and easy remedy to improve skin condition with no extra investment. You can use your regular winter cream or moisturizer.

The remedy is simple , just follow these simple steps to treat dry itchy skin:

1)Suppose you are having dry hands then just go and wet your hands with water

treat dry itchy skin 1

2)Now put your cream or moisturizer  on hands.

treat dry itchy skin 2

3)Start massaging your hands

You will get the feeling as if you have applied extra cream but don’t worry that is ok. Keep on massaging until the entire cream in absorbed.  If you feel that even after massaging for 1-2 minutes the cream is not absorbed then you can just wipe your hands with a towel. Mixing water with cream helps in better absorption of cream which in turn keep the skin supple for longer time. Same steps can be used to remove dryness for other parts of the body. You might also want to try this banana mask for dry skin

treat dry itchy skin 3

Try this out and see the effect. For sure you will feel the difference and see how your cream will be effective for a longer period of time. So cya soon with another tip……



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