5 quick NAIL CARE tips:

By on May 7, 2010

Nail care is also as important as taking care of your face because a lovely face with shabby hands is for sure not a good combo. Very often we use our hands for making gestures, eating etc while interacting with people, so we should give our hands it due care.

nail care advise

Here are some quick tips for nail care:

1-Many manicurists recommend that you file your nails immediately after the bath or shower because the nails can be easily shaped at that time. At this time they are less prone to breakages.It is also advised to work the filer over the nails in only one direction because the back and forth motion of filer produces lot of heat which dries of the nails.
2-Before removing nail polish massage a drop of oil/moisturizer on the cuticles, this will prevent them from drying.
3-To put a stop to nail biting habit do regular manicure and then paint a harmless but foul-tasting colourless paint, this will prevent you from chewing on them.
4-If you suffer from dry hands and brittle nails, avoid using highly perfumed lotions becuase the alcohol in them may leave your skin feeling drier. Preparations containing high doses of vitamin C will help prevent sun and age spots from developing.
5-If the nails are weak and tend to break up very easily step up protein in your diet.You can take some protein supplements for this or include protein rich food in your diet for eg: pulses, gram, fish, milk product etc



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