15 Gorgeous Face Makeup Ideas

By on Nov 26, 2010

Gorgeous Makeup Looks

It is said that a persons face is the reflection of who we are. We surely can not change that but of course with different styles of face makeup we can get different looks. So dear friends here’s a list of 15 interesting face makeup ideas suggested by Stylebees. Enjoy!!!

1)Pretty Pink Eye Makeup

Pretty Pink Eye Makeup

2)Smokey Face Makeup

Smokey Face Makeup

3)Brownish Face Makeup

Brownish Face Makeup

4)Face Makeup with reddish tinge

Face Makeup with reddish tinge

5)Beautiful makeup style

Beautiful makeup style

6)Katrina Kaif Face Makeup

Katrina Kaif Face Makeup

7)Pink and Black Face Makeup

Pink and Black Face Makeup

8)Pink and Golden Makeup

Pink and Golden Makeup

9)Beautiful Indian Bridal Makeup

Beautiful Indian Bridal Makeup

10)Brown Makeup look

Brown Makeup look

11)Beach Makeup Style

Beach Makeup Style

12)Purple Makeup look

Purple Makeup look

13)Fresh look light makeup

Fresh look light makeup

14)Coastal colors makeup

Coastal colors makeup

15)Best makeup look for dusky color

Best Makeup look for dusky color



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